Metro Log Reading, LLC.


Have you lost your licensed engineer?

Away on vacation? Required Inspections Missing?

Metro Log Reading, LLC's Services can help whether you have lost your licensed engineer, your licensed engineer is away on vacation or if you have failed to maintain the required inspections at your plant.

Our mission

We provide property owners and management companies, mainly in Washington, DC and Maryland, the ability to "one source" the requirements of the Engineering Board's of these two jurisdictions for the daily inspections the codes generally require for boiler and chiller plants located in commercial and residential properties in and around the city.

We got our unique name (Metro Log Reading, LLC.) for the “logs” that local Codes require be kept of the readings taken on mechanical equipment. We perform the periodic inspections required under local code and keep the “logs”. At present, we serve a number of property management companies in both full and part time capacities. We always have room to grow!

Metro Log Reading, LLC was formed in 2003 and is conveniently located in Silver Spring, MD. The company owner and founder, Bobby Lee Fullmer, has over 20 years experience on the engineering side of property management.

Engineering is what we do.

Metro Log Reading, LLC: References available upon request.

Properties maintained by Metro Log Reading; Lincoln Condos, NW, DC; Westmoreland Cooperative NW DC