Metro Log Reading, LLC.


Metro Log Reading, LLC's Services

Primary Function

We provide stationary engineering licenses and inspections as required by code of the local jurisdictional authority

We also provide:

  • Unbiased guidance to our clients in regards to the mechanical aspects of thier property.
  • Make energy management recommendations.
  • Perform full property inspections.
  • Replacement of small motors for such items as exhaust fans.
  • Replacement of exhaust fans.
  • Replacement of pnuematic control compressors and refrigerated air dryers.
  • Light preventive maintenance such as air filter changing, greasing bearings and coil cleaning.
  • Replacement of pulleys and belts on mechanical equipment.

Metro Log Reading is a proud member of

The National Association of Power Engineers DC #1 Chapter

Metro Log Reading, LLC: References available upon request.

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